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Auction Sales


The Auction Sales Unit is responsible for:


  • The management of the Customs Warehouse which is situated at the LUX SHED, Freeport Zone 1, Mer Rouge.
  • The receipt of abandoned, unclaimed, seized, prohibited goods and IPR goods at the Customs Warehouse and their disposal either by sales, destruction or donation after approval obtained from appropriate MRA Sections or relevant authorities.
  • The organisation of Sales by Public Tender after giving public notice of the Sale as provided under section 61 of the Customs Act.
  • Administering the collection of rent charges on IPR goods and goods warehoused pending release from other authorities subject to rent charges as provided under section 87 of the Customs Act.
  • The destruction of unfit, prohibited and obsolete goods transferred to the Customs Warehouse.


Organisation of Auction  Sales


  • The Auction Sale Unit organises four to five Auction Sales by public Tender yearly to dispose of goods which have need abandoned, unclaimed or seized.
  • The list of goods that will be offered for sale for the first time is published in the Government Gazette for information and objection purposes.
  • A notice of invitation to bid also published in the government gazette and the normal press to inform the public of the days during which the sales will be held and the conditions of the sale.
  • Two banners are also attached on the main road to access the Customs Warehouse.
  • On the day of the sales, a tender list is posted on the MRA website and on a bill board at the Customs Warehouse to inform the public the number of items put on sale, their description, the quantity offered for sale and the reserved price. The reserved price is the minimum price the bidder must start the bid.
  • The reserved price is calculated as per section 35 A (8) of the Customs regulations. For certain items, a deposit of at least 10 % of the bidding price are to furnish by way of banker’s cheque for certain items which will be clearly specified on the tender list.
  • The deposit will be returned if the bidder is not successful and forfeited if the awarded bidder does not make full payment and take delivery of awarded goods.


How to submit a bid?


  • Tender forms can be printed by accessing the MRA Website or collected at the Customs Warehouse.
  • The bidder shall insert in the column 1 of the tender form the serial number of the goods he wishes to bid .The serial number is obtained from the tender list or from the display of goods offered for sale at the Warehouse.
  • The bidder shall then insert in the column 2 the quantity he wishes to quote and as specified on the Tender List (one unit, one lot, one pair etc)
  • He/She shall then insert in column three the price per unit/ lot, he/she wishes to quote bearing in mind that he must quote as from the reserved price on the tender list.
  • He/She shall then complete the form by inserting his/her name and address and other details requested on the form and shall also sign the form.
  • He/She can use one or more supplements to tender forms if the space allocated in the first tender form is already filled.
  • He/She will then attach a bank cheque to the order of the Director General of the Mauritius Revenue Authority if he has quoted for a serial number in the Tender List requiring deposit and shall deposit the form/s in the tender box which is normally placed near the Registry Office, Ground Floor, Custom House or the Tender Box placed at the Customs Warehouse.
  • As per notice of Invitation to bid, any bid which is sent by post, fax or after the closing time will be rejected.
  • The bidder will have to consult the notice Invitation to bid to know all the conditions that are related to the Auction Sales by Public Tender.


How will I know if I have been awarded a bid?


  • After the closing date of the bidding exercise, a Tender Committee comprising of different units of MRA will open the tender boxes, count the forms received and insert a unique serial number on the forms.
  • Two members will also initial the forms and the secretary of the MRA Tender committee will hand over these forms to the team who will input the forms on a computerized database.
  • The database will automatically generate a report of highest bidders.
  • The awarded bidders will be informed by post or phone to come for payment and delivery.
  • He will have between five to fourteen days to effect payment or delivery failing which the next highest bidder will be awarded.
  • A list of highest bids received will be uploaded in the MRA Website – www.mra.mu
  • Non-successful bidders will not be informed.


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