E Newsletter June 2012


In this Issue:

  1. MOU between British American Tobacco and MRA
  2. DTAA between Mauritius and Gabon
  3. Educational Campaign
  4. Football Sheild Tournament


  1. MOU between British American Tobacco and MRA 





The MRA, represented by its Director General, Mr. Sudhamo Lal, signed on 11th June 2012, a Memorandum of Understanding  (MoU) with the British American Tobacco (BAT) Mauritius PLC, represented by Mr Joe Muganda and the TNS Tobacco Company  Ltd, represented by Mr Sabbi Appana at the Custom House , Mer Rouge. The agreement provides for information sharing between the three organisations namely between the MRA, BAT and TNS with spot control by teams of the MRA in various outlets to verify the stamps provided by the MRA to be affixed on every pack of cigarettes sold in Mauritius. This MoU therefore shall be instrumental in ensuring that consumers have access to genuine products and consequently to combat smuggling.


    2.     DTAA between Mauritius and Gabon




Negotiations for the conclusion of an Agreement between the Republic of Mauritius and the Republic of Gabon for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income were held from the 4 to 6 June 2012 at the MRA Head Office, Ehram Court, Port Louis. The Mauritian delegation was headed by Mr. Mustupha Mosafeer, Director, Large Taxpayers Department, International Taxation Unit of the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) while the Gabonese delegation was led by Mr. Guy Christian Mounguegui, Ambassador Deputy Director General of International Cooperation, Ministry of External Affairs. At the close of the negotiations, there was full agreement on all the provisions of the draft text which will be signed in due course by both States. Both delegations acknowledged the importance of the Agreement and have agreed to  expedite the completion of formalities in their respective jurisdictions for the early coming into force of the Agreement. 


  3.  Educational Campaign




In the context of a project aiming at the introduction of a tax syllabus in secondary schools, the MRA has, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources initiated a series of presentations on tax matters targeting students of Form IV, V and VI. The theme of the sensitization campaign is ‘The importance of Taxation in a Modern Society’. The Taxpayer Education & Communication Department is driving the first phase of the project by offering a series of educational sessions during the extra-curricular activities of the students. Nine sessions have already been dispensed during the month of June 2012 in the following secondary schools: Curepipe  College, Hindu Girl’s College, Mauritius College, Renascence College, Adventist College and Loreto Convent College.  Other educational sessions are planned for the month of July 2012.


  4.  Footaball Sheild Tournament




In a Football Shield Tournament, organized by the Fédération Mauricienne Des Sports Corporatifs (FMSC), the MRA Football Team won the 3rd prize.
The decisive match for the 3rd place was played on Tuesday 19 June 2012, at the Germain Commarmond Stadium, Bambous, against the Airports of Mauritius Ltd and the MRA won by 3-2. 
It is worth noting that several preliminary and one semi final matches were played by the MRA before acceding to the 3rd place as follows:

1. MRA V/s Phoenix Beverages LTD                2-0

2. MRA V/s Mauritian Union Group                   1-0

3. MRA V/s Gaz Indusriels LTD                        6-0

4. MRA V/s Trans-Invest LTD                           0-3 (Semi Final)
The Prize Giving Ceremony was held on Saturday 23 June 2012 and 24 the MRA players received bronze Medals in the presence of the Director, Human Resource and Training Department (HRTD), Mr V. Ramnundun.